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Fabian Hällsten
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Suicide Zeros allmänna arbete
Us in the gaming community have had some very sad events recently with a lot members commiting suicide, today we try to do our little part of trying to help people.

As it is in Swedish currency the Krona,

The USD values in at around 9.6 SEK
and the Euro values in at around 10.6 SEK

So the goal is just about 5200 USD

27,970 kr

56% 50,000 kr


Days left

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  • Anna-Maria Broman EK Suicide Zero
    Thank you Fabian for your great initiative, and many thanks to all of you who have donated - you all contribute to make a change!
    💚 Warmly, Suicide Zero
  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 6,200 kr

    TY S

  • Verserex Sword Master Verserex Sword Master Donated 9,600 kr

    I have a big cock

  • Jack Allen Jack Allen Donated 250 kr

    Fantastic cause Mr Hällsten

  • WIZZ KAZZ WIZZ KAZZ Donated 500 kr

    pls number go up sweden man. Also when are you gonna give me my wallet back i need moni to feed my 7 kids

  • the default the default Donated 101 kr

    ranked sucks, life also sometimes, remember after rain comes sunshine. t

  • Michelangelo Ocak Michelangelo Ocak Donated 50 kr

    I think i can affort another bit of my non well earned money to donate for a good cause. I had some issues with suicide by myself and now i want to help others with simular problems.

  • syler smith syler smith Donated 500 kr

  • Doc Wick Doc Wick Donated 172 kr

    My best friend lost his stepdad recently to suicide. Thanks for the opportunity to donate for something close to me and him.

  • Rodney Linton Rodney Linton Donated 500 kr

    Lost a friend to suicide 3 weeks ago. thanks for supporting the cause everyone.

  • CTZN The beast CTZN The beast Donated 52 kr

    Supreme leader deserves supreme support

  • Akbar Ali Akbar Ali Donated 1,000 kr

    thank you for doing this.

  • InvisiBagel R6 InvisiBagel R6 Donated 105 kr

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 500 kr

    Should've just aced 4Head

  • Lethal R6 Lethal R6 Donated 150 kr

  • Peter Seidler Peter Seidler Donated 70 kr

  • Big  Humpy Big Humpy Donated 100 kr

    Not much but try to help who sucks whos dick hungry suck yours or u suck hungrys?

  • Laurie Lagier Laurie Lagier Donated 300 kr

    Mental health is one of the most important thing to maintain in the world currently. Thank you for doing this

  • Christopher Bowman Christopher Bowman Donated 100 kr

    Appreciate what you’re doing here, just started to step into the streaming scene myself and hope I can get to a place I can do charities like this as well. Sadly I’m still on console for a bit so that will be a ways down the road. Keep up the great work!


    Not much but better than nothing!

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 300 kr

    Har haft problem med detta själv, vill gärna att andra ska hitta sin lösning.

  • Michelangelo Ocak Michelangelo Ocak Donated 120 kr

    I know its not much, but i hope it will help someone out there.

  • Eric Kalinowski Eric Kalinowski Donated 500 kr

  • Joe Sam Joe Sam Donated 500 kr

    Hey its PurqleSmurf imma use the money I was gonna sub to you for a better cause ;)