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Killmonday games Charity Livestream

Our mental health needs a little extra push and we need to show interest and pay attention to those things that are hurting us. We lose many of our beloved ones through suicide and there is always the question; would it make a difference if we were aware of the problem?

Let’s speak up when we need help. And let’s listen, when we are asked for help.

Killmonday Games Team
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  • Nathaniel Hibbert Nathaniel Hibbert donerat 206 kr

    This is a wonderful project that should be supported!

  • Major Jigglin & Eswoogi Community Major Jigglin & Eswoogi Community donerat 817 kr

    Donation from MajorJigglin, Twitch Streamer and legend! Big supporter of charities and heard what you guys were doing today! Thanks again!

  • Beefy Doom Beefy Doom donerat 1 000 kr

  • Eswoogi  & KunkJuice Eswoogi & KunkJuice donerat 835 kr

    Another donation from one of my Mods (KunkJuice) Loved the stream, amazing cause, thanks again for Little Misfortune, brought lots of amazing content to our community! Thanks again for the stream, can't wait for the next game.

  • Eswoogi & Community Eswoogi & Community donerat 4 340 kr

    I did a short Twitch stream to try and help hit the rest of your goal I can't take credit for this, this is my community, raising awareness the creators of Misfortune were raising funds for this cause It was hit in 40 mins So thanks to them <3

  • Eswoogi & Lloyd Aurion (My Moderator) Eswoogi & Lloyd Aurion (My Moderator) donerat 500 kr

    One of my Moderators from my Twitch stream saw my tweets and sent 500KR - Here's another 500KR I will also donate proceeds from my todays live stream on Twitch to try and hit the goal meanwhile. Thank you again, this cause means the world to me <3

  • Isak Martinsson Isak Martinsson donerat 500 kr

  • Lloyd Aurion Lloyd Aurion donerat 500 kr

    keep up the good works

  • Brain Lover Brain Lover donerat 500 kr

    I am donating along side Eswoogi - His better half :D I cosplayed as Little Misfortune last year, loved this game so much and can't wait for more of your work, thanks for supporting this cause!

  • Eswoogi  & Brain Lover Eswoogi & Brain Lover donerat 300 kr

    I streamed this game, one of my favourite games of all time- I lost a friend to suicide last year, so thank you for this event KillMonday. I will match any donations from other viewers and supporters upto 500KR - Get donating now chat and viewers!

  • Sven Kalb Sven Kalb donerat 500 kr

  • E M E M donerat 300 kr

    Thank you for everything you do, you really inspire me <3

  • Eswoogi & BrainLover Eswoogi & BrainLover donerat 500 kr

    Little Misfortune brought me so many relatable moments of happiness and darkness. You brought me joy in times of darkness and I appreciate you and the games you make. Good luck on your goals! Thank you everyone at KillMonday, legends <3

  • Linda Keller Linda Keller donerat 150 kr

  • Catalina Araya Fuentes Catalina Araya Fuentes donerat 200 kr

  • Vesa Parkkila Vesa Parkkila donerat 100 kr

  • Ryan Bitoon Ryan Bitoon donerat 100 kr

  • Erin Madden Erin Madden donerat 100 kr

    Thank you for taking the time to raise awareness about an important issue that affects every human.

  • Emma Meiszner Emma Meiszner donerat 50 kr

  • Charlie Gore Charlie Gore donerat 300 kr

    Mental health has effected me bad over these years and I hope I can make others life abit easier.

  • Carsten Wessels Carsten Wessels donerat 300 kr

    Suffered from depression in childhood and youth - music helped me much to get out, but I had to do it on my self.

  • Cornelia Lindekrantz Cornelia Lindekrantz donerat 250 kr

  • miguel iniguez miguel iniguez donerat 300 kr

    good luck!!!

  • Brian Connors Brian Connors donerat 850 kr

    Thanks for holding the stream today