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In Memory of Anton Hijo del Sol

For the memory of Anton Canales del Rivera.

A warm son, a supporting brother, a giving friend and forever reminding us all about the good heart that shines in other people.

This fundraiser is made by the love that every day surrounds Babba, Loretto, Dani and Antonio and the presence you have with them, and they with you.

"Sometimes I need to close the world and open the next"
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    Your spirit lives on through those who love you.

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    sending all the love xx

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    Your light shines on through each of us, illuminating the work we do & reminding us the importance of showing up for one another daily. Love from Brooklyn, Team Kin

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    Never forget, spice up your life

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    All our love ❤️

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    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ all kärlek

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    Love love love