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A letter from My Mother's fundraiser:
Hi all my friends.
You all know that I lost my 22-year-old son on a fateful Maundy Thursday a few years ago.
Why? In fact, we do not know and we have only guesses.
Unrequited love? A depression we missed? The questions are many and no answers.
The loss is still stunning between laps.
We as a family have gone through the grief in different ways.
We have survived and decided to LIVE our lives with all that life gives us in the form of joy and all the fond memories.
Suicide Zero does a fantastic job.
In today's society when it comes to saving on psychiatry, their job is even more important.
Please give a small Easter gift in Fredrik's memory to help someone else.
Every wasted life is a pure social catastrophe.

You can find her Fundraiser here:
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    Personally supported by this and similar endeavours.

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